IELTS Speaking Part 2, 3 – Describe a character from a film

Nếu gặp đề bài Describe a character from a film trong phòng thi thực chiến thì bạn sẽ xử lý như thế nào để chiếm trọn trái tim giám khảo Speaking và rinh về band điểm thật cao? Cùng AnhLe tham khảo ngay bài mẫu dưới đây để biết cách trả lời bạn nhé!

IELTS Speaking Part 2, 3: Describe a character from a film

Describe a character from a film – Đề bài

Describe a character from a film. You should say:

  • What character it is
  • Who acted the character
  • When you saw the film

And explain whether you like this character.

Describe a character from a film – Dàn bài Part 2

Ý tưởng bài mẫu (tiếng Việt)

Situation Ron Swanson from “Parks and Recreation” played by Nick Offerman, originally saw the performance several years ago.
Task Ron is the definition of a man’s man: macho, mustached, meat-loving, woodworking enthusiast, director of Parks and Recreation.
Action Despite his stern appearance, he has a soft spot for his coworkers and friends, well-known for his humorous one-liners and solemn facial expressions, one of the most adorable and amusing characters I’ve ever seen on a TV show, questions traditional gender stereotypes.
Result Never fails to make me laugh while also warming my heart, never grow bored of his pranks.


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Bài mẫu Part 2:

Tham khảo bài mẫu Describe a character from a film IELTS Speaking Part 2 dưới đây để ôn luyện thi IELTS Speaking hiệu quả tại nhà và chinh phục được điểm số thật cao trong kỳ thi thực chiến sắp tới nhé!

Từ vựng Bài mẫu “Describe a character from a film”

Genius (n.): thiên tài

Billionaire (n.): tỉ phú

Playboy (n.): tay chơi

Philanthropist (n.): nhà từ thiện

Have a knack for (v.): có sở trường về

Showman (n.): ông bầu

Charisma (n.): sức hút

Rebel (n.): kẻ nổi loạn

Go against the grain (v.): đi ngược lại số đông

Complex (adj.): phức tạp

Reckless (adj.): liều lĩnh

Impulsive (adj.): bốc đồng

Selfish (adj.): ích kỷ

Come across as (v.): trông có vẻ như

Loner (n.): người cô đơn

Flaw (n.): khuyết điểm

Complicated (adj.): phức tạp

Imperfect (adj.): không hoàn hảo

Evolve (v.): tiến hóa

Well, it’s kinda hard for me to choose one family member only because I love them all so much, but considering what springs to my mind at the moment, I would like to describe my mom.

My mom is actually in her fifties now, but I must say she has been extremely youthful despite all of her wrinkles and gray hair. Actually, my mom is a very industrious and hard-working person. She always starts the day at around 6am every morning, in order to have a quick breakfast and go to work.

Actually, she has retired for 2 years now but she has been working for her own healthcare center since then, which is something that I am so proud of. Specifically speaking, my mom used to be a renowned doctor in my city, as she was a chairwoman of a medical center which majors in maternal and children healthcare.

She has always been an absolute role model for me, as portrayed in the way that she works, takes care of her children, everything. She is not only a mom but also a best friend to me. She is always the one for me to come to for advice; although the generation gap between me and her is quite big, she always seems to be extremely understanding and sympathetic to me.

I guess I am most influenced by her strong-will. According to some stories that my mom once told me, she has learnt to be independent ever since she was in her teenage years, because my grandparents were constantly up to their ears with their farming work. Therefore, she had learnt to take care of everything in the house, from her siblings to the household chores, and even herself. Such difficulties have shaped her to become such an inspiring woman to her children, her family and her colleagues, as she is now.

Overall, I love my mom and my family endlessly and I always try to remind myself everyday to be as strong as my mom.


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Describe a character from a film – Speaking Part 3

Làm sao để trả lời các câu hỏi Part 3 liên quan đến đề bài Describe a character from a film trôi chảy nhất? Tham khảo cách trả lời mẫu do AnhLe tổng hợp nhé!

Câu hỏi Cấu trả lời mẫu Từ vựng
Is it interesting to be an actor/actress? Definitely! It’s a creative and dynamic profession that allows you to explore different characters and stories. You get to work with a variety of people, from directors to other actors, and you get to travel to various locations. It can also be very rewarding, as you get to see the impact your work has on audiences, but at the same time, it can be a challenging profession. You need to be able to memorize lines, stay in character, and take direction from directors. Therefore, being an actor or actress can be a really stimulating experience, but it requires a lot of hard work and dedication. Dynamic (adj.): năng động

Challenging (adj.): đầy thách thức

Stimulating (adj.): kích thích

Dedication (adj.): sự cống hiến

What can children learn from acting? In my viewpoint, acting can be a great learning experience for children, as it can help them develop important skills such as communication, collaboration, and creativity. Acting can also enable children to build confidence and self-esteem since children get to express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. Finally, acting can help children develop their public speaking skills, as they learn to project their voice and use body language to convey their message. All of these skills can be invaluable for children as they grow and develop. Self-esteem (n.): lòng tự trọng

Project sb’s voice (v.): cất lên tiếng nói

Convey (v.): truyền đạt

Why do children like special costumes? For me, children are fond of wearing special costumes because they provide a sense of fun and excitement. This clothing can be used to express creativity and imagination, allowing children to explore different characters and dress up as their favorite heroes. Additionally, costumes can be used to foster social interaction, as children can play together while wearing matching outfits. Furthermore, wearing costumes may promote their self-esteem, as children can feel empowered and confident when engaging in pretend play and physical activities. Social interaction (n.): sự tương tác xã hội

Outfit (n.): trang phục

Empowered (adj.): có sức mạnh

Pretend play (n.): trò chơi đóng vai


What are the differences between actors/actresses who earn much and those who earn little? In fact, the disparities can be quite substantial. Firstly, those who earn much tend to have more experience and a higher level of expertise in their craft. They have likely been in the industry for a longer period of time and, as a result, have built up a reputation for their work. Additionally, they may have a larger network of contacts and access to more lucrative roles.

On the other hand, those who earn less may be relatively new to the industry and lack the hands-on experience and connections to those who have been in this business. This lack of visibility definitely works against their opportunities.

Expertise (n.): chuyên môn

Reputation (n.): danh tiếng

Lucrative (adj.): béo bở

Hands-on experience (n.): kinh nghiệm thực tiễn

Visibility (n.): sự công nhận

What are the differences between acting in a theater and in a film? Well, these are two very different experiences. In theatre, the actor is performing live in front of an audience, so they must be able to project their voice and presence to the back of the theatre. They also have to adjust their performance to the energy of the audience, as well as to the other actors on stage. In contrast, when acting in a film, the actor is performing for a camera so they can convey emotion and nuance more subtly.

In addition, the actor needs to work well with the other actors in the scene to create a cohesive performance. So, theatre requires a more dynamic performance, while film requires a more tactful approach.

Nuance (n.): sắc thái

Subtly (adv.): tế nhị

Cohesive (adj.): mạch lạc

Tactful (adj.): tinh tế




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